Taurus Friendship Compatibility

These headstrong people have innate sense of their space and know what belongs to them, so Bulls are not easily displaced. Having a strong awareness of who and what they are, Taurus resist any form of dominance in their relationships. Clingy and demanding partners will scare them away. They may have the patience to wait it out but not to give in to unwarranted demands of their partners.

Taurus will take courting slowly but once committed, they will be in it through thick and thin.


These people take relationships seriously and will try their best to keep the relationship going. A long time partnership is always a goal for these romantics. Bulls are known to be loyal and expect the same from their partner. Taurus people are the most old-fashioned among the Zodiac signs. Since patience is their greatest strength, a Taurus man will not rush courtship and a true gentleman to his lady love when committed. On the other hand, Taurus woman likes to be wooed old fashion way and test the limits of her suitors. Both of them aim to have a beautiful home, permanent partner and stable life.

In marriage, Taurus will be truly devoted to his family and wife. He will work really hard to secure a good future for his family while she tends to set her sights on someone who can give her security. Both are highly ambitious and love life may take a back seat from time to time.

Best Friend Matches for Your Sign

Bulls will never ever leave anything unfinished. The other partner being a Taurus who is equally hardworking and committed will surely understand that kind of behavior. Not known to be up and about exploring the world, Taurus is fine with a life without too much frills.

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These laid back sign is perfectly fine with staying home all day watching reruns of their favorite show. He shines best when his career, life, and love are in sync with his expectations. Unnecessary risks will result to emotional instability which they will avoid at all cost. People born under this period find it hard to adapt to changes. Since both are unadventurous, they will be content at the way things are provided all is well between them. When things get tough, their never give up attitude will get to work here. Venus is about beauty, love, and opulence. The impressive blend of masculine and feminine energy is the reason for Leo and Taurus admiring and adoring each other so much.

Venus never moves farther than 48 degrees from the Sun; the two celestial bodies, one depicting life and the other depicting love, are never too far from each other. Taurus is an earth sign, and Leo is a fire sign. Both signs are ambitious, but in their own ways. The lion goes for wealth and eminence, while the bull strives for stability and protection. Both signs seek to be the leader, and disagree a lot over this matter. Convincing each other of the importance of their friendship is the best way to solve the problems.

Taurus and Leo are fixed signs. Both Taurus and Leo are unrelenting in their judgments and move forward tirelessly towards their goals. Any schemes that they have formed would be carried out to the end.

Best Friend match for Taurus

Neither sign loves change, and both prefer a constant even environment around them. When they find that their friendship is genuine, they dedicate themselves to its preservation. However, their diverse characters might cause them to argue constantly. Although Taurus are equally determined as Leo, they might give in to avoid a full fledged conflict when it seems imminent.

And although he may think my dreams are crazy or my ideas insane. He at least humors me with support. There is a definite communication barrier, we think so differently, we are rarely ever on the same page. But things have somehow continued to work. My fiance is a male Aquarius and Im a female Taurus..

We do bump heads but we often come up with a compromise with no problem. I am a homebody where he is a socialite. I love to meet new ppl and party but only so often as he is the cool guy. Its like he is the free version of me. We are compatible on so many different levels to where we finish each others sentences.

Taurus compatibility

We understand our didferences but i wouldnt say its impossible to make the realationship work. Yu cant help who yu love and of yu truly love them nothing can stop yu from loving them or being with them. I myself am dating an Aquarius. My girlfriend, however, gets jealous sometimes.

We are very different. She, on the other hand, needs space.

Taurus and virgo friendship

But they need to respect each other and what they want, like my girlfriend and I, without being angry about it. We are the most beautiful thing to happen to you and your family with all our quirky behavior we are so cute and sweet. And a lot of this is true.

And I believe we are truly in love which is why this works. But we definitely are VERY different and have issues with communication, and a few other things on this list. Never go to bed angry and always say I love you because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Hi Iam an Aquarius as per birth chart, but I always fall for taurians and love them like my life. It always happened that they broke my heart. This happened twice in my life. Why is this happening to me.

Why still I like them when I know it is not compatible. Can anyone explain why is this. Wow, this could not be more UNtrue. And we get along amazingly well. Happy, comfortable and able to talk about anything and everything! In my case this article was so right. I never believed in the astrology stuff until I read about the incompatibility between the 2 signs. I was in love with them both, but the opposition of the things we wanted made both relationships impossible. Just like this says, I wanted a serious, stable relationship where neither one of them really wanted to commit and be there the way I needed them to be.

Keep in my mind we were in committed relationships by their choice, however neither one of them were able to live up to the responsibilities that come with being in a committed relationship which is ultimately why I ended both relationships. Neither was an easy choice to make, but I had to do the right thing for me and my son. I never had the same issues in any other relationship that I did in these 2. I have a bestfriend who is Taurus… N I Am Aquarius but we find more comfortable with eachother…but yeah arguments takes place but after that we find eachother very loved by eachother…he likes my loyal side And I love his patience side I dont these signs Are correct or not..

This is very accurate.

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She and I have such a complicated relationship and this article describes it perfectly. Well I have to say that it hits my relationship with my husband right on the nail. I was actually blown away in how much it sounds like us and our relationship. Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. Mimi May 6, Cristina November 26, Queen Atsu May 10, Paulo Carranza June 15, Kiplimo Nation August 31, This makes so happy i got scared for a minute my bf is an taurus.

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