1. The Centres, the Rays and the Signs.

Virtues: Calm, strength, endurance, patience, love of truth, intuition, serenity. Vices: Coldness, indifference, self pity, fear, love of being loved, personal wisdom. Ray 3 — Active Intelligence. Vices Mental pride, devious, scheming, inaccuracy, obstinacy, critical, busy. Virtues Affectionate, sympathetic, courage, devotion, generous, quick intellect.

Vices Worrier, inaccuracy, self-centeredness, cowardice, extravagance, moody. Ray 5 — Concrete Science. Virtues Perseveres, commonsense, accuracy, rational, uprightness, keen intellect. Vices Narrowness, harsh criticism, unsympathetic, arrogant, pride, prejudice, cold. Virtues Devotion, single-minded, tenderness, intuitive, loyal, reverence, loving. Vices Selfish, jealous, sentimental, deceptive, fiery anger, narrow, fanatical. Ray 7 — Ceremonial Order. Virtues Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, detailed, self-reliance, practical.

Vices Formal, bigotry, pride, opinionated, superficial judgements, narrow. The glamour of personal magnetism. The glamour of self-centredness and personal potency.

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The glamour of rulership, of dictatorship and of wide control. The glamour of the Messiah complex in the field of politics. The glamour of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings personally exacted. The glamour of destruction. The glamour of isolation, of aloneness, of aloofness. The glamour of the superimposed willupon others and upon groups.

Esoteric Astrology & the Ascendant Part 2- 'Ascendant is the Soul'.

The glamour of popularity. The glamour of personal wisdom. The glamour of selfish responsibility. The glamour of too complete an understanding, which negates right action. The glamour of self-pity, a basic glamour of this ray. The glamour of the Messiah complex, in the world of religion and world need. The glamour of fear, based on undue sensitivity. The glamour of self-sacrifice. The glamour of selfish unselfishness. The glamour of self-satisfaction.

The glamour of selfish service. The glamour of active scheming. The glamour of creative work—without true motive. The glamour of good intentions, which are basically selfish. The glamour of self-importance, from the standpoint of knowing, of efficiency. The glamour of war. The glamour of vague artistic perception. The glamour of psychic perception instead of intuition. The glamour of musical perception. The glamour of the pairs of opposites, in the higher sense. RAY V The glamour of materiality, or over-emphasis of form.

The glamour of the intellect. The glamour of knowledge and of definition. The glamour of assurance, based on a narrow point of view. The glamour of the form which hides reality. The glamour of organisation. The glamour of the outer, which hides the inner. The glamour of adherence to forms and persons. The glamour of idealism. The glamour of loyalties, of creeds. The glamour of emotional response.

The glamour of sentimentality. The glamour of interference. The glamour of the lower pairs of opposites. The glamour of World Saviours and Teachers. The glamour of the narrow vision.

Esoteric Astrology

The glamour of fanaticism. The glamour of the relation of the opposites. The glamour of the subterranean powers. The glamour of that which brings together. The glamour of the physical body. The glamour of the mysterious and the secret. The glamour of sex magic. The glamour of the emerging manifested forces.

Type A: Persistent. Never gives in. Depended upon by others. Type B: Destroys conditions which prevent free expression of life force. Inclusive Coherence. Type A: Magnetic, radiant, sharing, compassionate, empathetic, loving understanding.

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Astrology - Table of Contents

Type B: Emphasis on wisdom, not knowledge. Dispassionate understanding. Type A: Philosopher, theorist. Emphasis on abstract ideas. Type B: Business acumen. Extremely practical. Manipulative, gamesmanship. Ray 4 — Harmony through Conflict. Type A: Ability to bring harmony from conflict. Sensitive to discord. Type B: Colourful character. Strong contrasts. Tends to force. Type A: Researcher. Descriptive accuracy and documentation. Type B: Technician. Applies technical intelligence. Practical in applications. Ray 6 — Devotion or Abstract Idealism. Type A: Receptive. Gentle influence. Type B: Fiery zeal.

Devoted striving toward ideals. Strong aspirations. Group magic. Type A: Highly organised. Plays by the rules. Meticulous in action. Type B: Emphasis on creative process. Manifests ideas into forms. Politician, occultist, leader, explorer, executive, manager, dictator.

Esoteric Astrology: The Revealer of the Soul’s Intention

Ray 2 — Love Wisdom. Teacher, healer, sage, server, scholar, humanist, philanthropist. Philosopher, organiser, astrologer, economist, historian, business. Scientist, researcher, alchemist, engineer, analyst, inventor, technician. Ray 6 — Devotion. Ministers, mystics, missionaries, devotees, orators, crusaders, zealots. Builder, administrator, designer, revolutionary, magician, esotericist. Little care for style or finish. Dramatic, emphatic. Music: Delights in big orchestrals. Sometimes tone deaf. Art: Loves contrast and lots of colour. Rarely an artist. Sometimes colour blind.

Gives whole picture in detail. Song of Krishna. Cosmic sound. Art: Always seeks to teach through art. Pictures have meaning. Ray 3 Literature: Abstract, intellectual, wordy, complex, vague, brilliant with rays 1,4,5,7. Art: Thoughtful, interesting subjects, though technique not fine. Music: Melodious.

Mercury the inventor of the lyre and music. Taps into buddhic.. Art: Colour great, drawing defective unless influenced by ray 7. Music: Uninteresting though technically alright. Sculpture lifeless. Art: Rare unless 4th and 7th rays influence. Colour dull. Inspired, enthusiastic, idealistic, sentimental, religious. Music: Melodious composer of sacred music, devotional chants, hymns. Manner rather than matter.

Music: Formal or innovative. Rays 4 and 2 needed. Smooth, ordered style. Chaotic at times.

Art: Perfect sculptor. With ray 4, highest type of artist. Michael R. Hills Benj. Bruno Marc E. Watts Mercutio Steiner Edgar A. Huxley Jonas Salk Alex. Ashram A centre to which the Master gathers aspirants and disciples for personal instruction Astral Body The emotional or feeling body. Bailey Bailey, Alice A. Posted in Seven Ray Tables Tagged glossary.

Alice a. Bailey books , seven rays 2 Comments. Maria F de Mello says:.

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November 24, at pm. John LiberArtos Sanger says:. January 21, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sky Blue. Ray 1 — Will-Power. RAY I The glamour of physical strength. Ray 1. Ray 2. Koot Hoomi. Ray 3. Ray 4. Ray 5. Ray 6. Ray 7. Religion is Ritualistic. Ray 7 Chohan. Ray 1 — Will or Power.

Henry Ford. Julius Caesar. Gordon Liddy. FD Roosevelt. Alfred Nobel. Annie Besant. Edgar Hoover. Martin Luther. Fritzjof Capra. Dalai Lama. Manly P. Alice Bailey. Woody Allen. James Baker. James Joyce. Marc E. Lewis Carroll. Isaac Newton. Gertrude Stein. Jules Verne. David Bohm. Henry George. Mark Twain. Von Neuman. Robert Burns. Van Gogh. Da Vinci. Anna Pavlova. Edgar A. Alban Berg. Jonas Salk. Tycho Brahe. Nikola Tesla. Luth Burbank. Robert Fulton. Joan of Arc. St Augustine. John Bunyan. Mary Eddy.

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Don Quixote. John, Baptist. Martin l. Zig Ziglar. Johnny Cash. Mainly it traces an aspect from the horoscope to find out its divine origins. Aspect in esoteric astrology is not the angular relationship between the planets, but is a group of symbols combining the planets, signs, and houses. By exploring the aspect the personality could be led in a relevant and meaningful direction, according to the Soul's Purpose. Esoteric astrology incorporates many layers of study, dovetailing into other levels of astrology and the Seven Rays. The seven Rishis represented by the seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solar system.

The Rishis express themselves through the seven planets. The planets are considered as their representatives. Each of these seven rays, coming from the Great Bear, are transmitted into our solar system through the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets.

The Seven Rays is one among the "septenaries groups of seven such as 7 solar systems, 7 sacred planets, 7 colours, 7 endocrine glands etc. It is believed that each individual human soul is an essential part of one of the Seven Rays, and by successive births the qualities of that soul are developed and refined, to advance the evolution of Humanity.

The important tables of 7 Rays that depict the relationship of human life to the septenary are given below:. It only determines his little destiny and unimportant fate. Esoteric astrology indicates his group usefulness and the scope of his potential consciousness". Pluto jupitar saturn Uranus Neptune mars earth saturn jupitar Pluto eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelth. Alice A. Bailey - , born in England was a writer and lecturer on Neo-Theosophy.

She lived in America since the year She was a prolific author on mysticism and founded an international esoteric movement.