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You may still be feeling a little surprised by recent announcements and you might have to be fast on your feet if you are to regain the initiative. Your ideas are fine, but it may take someone else to stiffen your resolve and make you commit yourself to a particular course of action.

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The Sun may make information difficult to come by, though. But, then, perhaps there really is nothing at all to find out! Your deeply complex planetary patterns advise you to stick to your guns. It will be worth your while to offer an olive branch to partners and associates.

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Remember those wise sayings about forgiving seven times seven and turning the other cheek: your concern for others should win out over self-interest. Plus, a younger relation may provide good advice.

January 6 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

Venus and Jupiter are offering you generous help via close partners, but you may have to ask first. This is no time for reticence, so push yourself to the front of the queue.

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The Capricorn who thrives will be he, or she, who abandons normal reserve and shows a bit of bare-faced cheek. Although certain individuals are quite pleasant to your face, you know that you might not have been told the entire, unadulterated truth.

On the other hand, relationships at work are really quite profitable, and you may gain emotionally as much as financially. Those with a Capricorn zodiac sign are extremely dedicated to their goals, almost to the point of stubbornness.

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Those victories sure smell sweet, though, and that thought alone will keep Capricorns going. Did you know that Capricorn sign dates can change year to year? The Goat is the Capricorn symbol, and an apt mascot it is.

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Goats love to climb to the top of the mountain, where the air is clear and fresh. In much the same way, Capricorns want to get to the top of their chosen field so that they can reap the benefits of success; namely fame, prestige and money. Sagittarius sun sign folks can indeed be domineering, even egotistical, on their route to the top. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

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In ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many of the gods. Caps are happy to work for it, and luckily they possess enough discipline and sense of responsibility to get them there. Capricorns tend to be mature and are amply blessed with common sense, two more qualities which help their success-driven endeavors.