Remember to tune into your intuition and trust. The creative intelligence of the Universe is reorganizing you and your life; this can feel uncomfortable, even unbearable, but through our dedication to our spiritual practices we are becoming more skilled at allowing every circumstance of life to take us into the primal power of our hearts. Try to stay rooted in your belly and bones, with your heart open in radical vulnerability, and hold on. Love yourself fiercely and allow your compassion to turn inward as a new practice. Make art with your tears and frustrations when necessary, dig your fingers and toes into the black earth to ground, and remember that you belong.

On this Solstice, make a date with the Sun… bask in the warmth and relish the sunshine in the morning or mid-day or late afternoon.

How the Total Solar Eclipse Will Affect You, Based on Your Sign – SheKnows

At sunset say goodbye to the Sun disappearing into the sea, to be reborn in the sky on Winter Solstice. The fullness of the light breaks into the beginning of the dark in its ancient way. Late in the evening, light a candle and renew your commitments and offer your blessings. Bow to the golden radiance that burns brightly inside your own heart and vow to stay true to yourself.

It is just as relevant now. On March 6, the planet Uranus finally left Aries for this lifetime and entered Taurus to stay for the next seven years. The last cycle of Uranus in Taurus was from Uranus was in Taurus briefly last year to test things out but then retrograded back into Aries until now.

The Aries cycle ends and as the new Taurus Uranus cycle gets underway, we may notice some significant shifts unfolding around us. Uranus always brings changes. As the maverick planet moves to a new sign, it also occupies another area in your chart and will bring a whole new set of circumstances to engage with work to do.

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This is the planet of rebellion, liberation, disturbance, the erratic and eccentric. When we reach years old we experience a Uranus opposition where the planet makes an opposition to our natal Uranus , marking and ending and beginning … which is part of a more complex journey that lands sometime between age 37 and 45, with not only Uranus but also Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn involved. This mid-life point is labeled the "mid-life crisis" because of the dramatic disruption and existential despair that can be felt at this time.

And it is also the most significant and intense milestone in life that ultimately frees us and can lead to the discovery our most authentic self. Uranus, the oddly tilting planet, is four times the size of Earth and it takes eighty four years to complete a journey around the Sun. It is a modern planet discovered by Sir William Herschel in And the planet associated with electricity, lightning, and seismic activity has moved into fixed earthy Taurus; there will certainly be important implications for our planet in these Taurus Uranus years.

The earth-focused realm of Taurus is stable, fertile, and also includes resources, wealth, the body, the physical, beauty, art, what we value. Ruling over the unorthodox, Uranus helps to liberate us, shake things up, stir up a rebellion. Uranus brings innovation and revelation, and will share its powers of awakening in all of the Taurus areas.

This next seven year cycle will bring a new vibe or focus, new work to do, and new context for life to be enacted. On March 5 the communication muse Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces until the 28th. Mercury is air, quick and clear, and not the most comfortable in watery, occluded Neptune-ruled Pisces While retrograde, the planet of intelligence will spend almost the entire month conjunct Neptune in Pisces, creating a dreamy and ethereal but also possibly overly indulgent or self-medicating-y landscape for us.

Mercury retrograde cycles are perfect opportunities to slow the pace, remember, review, realign. Take a social media fast or reduction if possible, at least during Mercury's retrograde time - it also serves to limit the opportunities for misunderstandings, misreads, and mis-transmissions etc. The retrograde of the intelligence planet just as the new Taurus Uranus cycle starts could give us some down time to witness the new energies beginning to burgeon.

Uranus in Taurus will activate a different part of your chart now:. Aries rising - 2nd house Money, possessions, income, career, stability, finances, worth. Taurus rising - 1st house Self, selfhood, appearance, self-interest, desires, style, temperament. Gemini rising - 12th house Secrets, karma, closure, sorrows, rest, compassion, self-undoing.

Virgo rising - 9th house Mental pursuits, higher education, travel, religion and philosophy, study, faith, discovery. Libra rising - 8th house Death and rebirth, sex, surgery, shared resources, inherited wealth, taxes and debt, intimacy. Capricorn rising - 5th house Sex, romance, art, passion, fame, fertility, children. Pisces rising - 3rd house Communication, technology, self-expression, family ties, daily travel, early education or study habits, community. Wishing you ease and grace, steadiness and triumph for this Mercury retrograde cycle, and the entrance into Taurus Uranus era.

I also have handmade potions and tonics available from the Kosmic Apothecary. And just in time. The Sun enters Aquarius on Sunday with quite an accompanying bang. This year will invite us into a deeper relationship with discipline and freedom. Reflect on the past two years of growth and evolution, lessons and hardships. Eclipses light up a sign and its polar opposite sign in groupings, which happen over about a two year period, and reoccur approximately every nine years.

The house that the eclipse falls into reveals more insights into the areas you can expect a shift in. An eclipse acts as activator, setting things in motion, but the energies and transformation will unfold over the next six months to year after the actual eclipse. It may not be clear at the time the eclipse hits what exactly will clear or manifest. We have several eclipses each year, at new or full moons that occur near the nodal axis.

The nodes are destiny points, and eclipses tend to initiate or dissolve things, bringing about big change, a new frequency, an ending and beginning. We can usually feel heightened emotions and intensified energy in the time between two eclipses, and many people feel more irritable or sensitive. And also to pay attention. There are other planets participating in this cosmic eclipse intensification, with the Moon, Mars and Saturn squaring off, plus Uranus, and additionally Venus and Jupiter.

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Revelations and resolutions often accompany an eclipse. If you can wrap yourself in empathy and compassion, steep in self-love, your heart will follow its path, and new levels of opening may begin. Under the influence of an eclipse cycle, plenty of potential for up-leveling is available. Leo Full Moon themes generally deal with heart, pleasure, creativity, romance, drama, generosity, self-confidence. Leo reminds the importance of play, self-worth, and genuine joy. This eclipse may be experienced as a catalyst for evolution, a change agent to shake you out of complacency, the tower card in tarot, an initiation, or an inner revolution.

If you are able, take a social media fast. Spend some quality quiet time in contemplation, if not for the day then at least for a period of time. Listen closely. Lean into the mystery. Happy Aquarius season. The lunar nodes shift every eighteen months, bringing an entirely new mood and energy to influence our feelings and the patterns that play out in our lives. And earthlings born during a particular nodal axis will have soul similarities, meaning that similar gifts to offer and lessons to learn will show up for each of the beings born with that north and south node.

The nodes are not planets but rather intersection points where the orbit of the moon intersects the ecliptic, and their movement is counterclockwise. Opposites, these destiny points reveal our life purpose and our life lessons. In a past life or lives we relied on a particular set of characteristics, like a tool kit, and in our current lifetime these once useful skills which propelled us further are now slowing us down or holding us back.

This is the south node. It deals with issues we have to work out and what remains unresolved. And the north node is about how we find resolution, our gifts to develop, potentials to unfold, attributes to grow. Some things to notice while we have the north node in Cancer and south node Capricorn:. Releasing: obsessive materialism, the need to win at any cost, being a workaholic, fear of intimacy, making everything difficult, worth defined by accomplishments and recognition, excess yang, needing to control everything. Embracing: nurturing others, empathy and sensitivity, emotional inhibition and vulnerability, verbalizing feelings, domestic life, family.

As we climb out of October, saying goodbye as we do at Samhain, we feel the tremendous Scorpionic impulses of this numinous space. This is when we must listen closely to the dark, make offerings and send prayers up with incense smoke, a time for honoring the ancestors. We encounter this threshold each year and are pulled into our very own underworlds. On November 6 the nodal axis shifts as the Lunar Nodes change signs.

These points are most often associated with representing life path and life lessons, or destiny and past life karma. There is much to unpack and understand about this most significant occurrence of not only November but the year. This shift will certainly impact Election Day in the US and the history unfolding around it. Another post focused on the Nodes will follow soon. Equinox means " equal night " and this is a time when the Light and Dark are in balance. After this moment of balanced light and dark, the darkness will begin to wax and we move into the dark half of the year, the Dreamtime.

It is in the darkness, the womb, where we are nourished and cooked. We release the past and weave our dreams and intentions. The Dark Goddess now reigns. The Mother Goddess becomes the Crone. We hold within us both the beautiful darkness and the light, the asuras and the devas. When we honor both without suppression or condemnation, a great healing can occur and our Truest Nature begins to stir and climb out of dormancy. When we welcome ourselves, our wholeness, we invite an intimacy with evolution and reclamation of what has been lost.

Mabon is Pagan Thanksgiving, a mid-harvest celebratory day in the Wheel of the Year. It is a time to give thanks, offer gratitude for our blessings, for the fruits of our labor, for the abundance of the harvest both literally and figuratively. To mark the occasion, you could update your season altar, bake bread and make homemade soup with veggies from the garden, light a fire and make offerings, journal about your gratitude and dreams, and spend time observing the subtle shifts in the air, taking in the energy at this threshold.

Libra is represented by weighing scales and longs to find balance and justice in all areas of life. Libra is also concerned with relationships of all kinds and finding ways to be in alignment with love, relating, connecting, and our own desires. This season is a good time to reflect on where you've gotten off track, out of alignment with your deepest desires. You can readjust and realign in all areas, especially your relationships.

Reflect deeply on lessons learned, acknowledging loss and betrayal as well as triumphs and victories. Contemplate the beginnings and endings and re-beginnings of all things in life. Articulate a ritual that will invoke and manifest the dreams hidden inside your heart, seeking balance and equanimity while honoring the radical upheavals inherent in a householder sadhana life.

Remember your roots and your center. Mercury moved into Libra on just a day before the Sun entered, and both make an opposition to Chiron in Aries , providing a backdrop for hidden or repressed pain to be dealt with and old wounds to heal. Chiron will leave Aries and move into Pisces the next evening, September Invoke and activate harmony in your own being and build it into your life. We entered Virgo season on the evening of August The shadow period for Mars will run through October 8; I am certain there's much to unpack for everyone from this retrograde, which was one of so, so many.

The planet of power and passion moves into logical and fixed Aquarius on September Mercury's shadow period ended on September 2, which was also the beginning of the pre-shadow for Venus. The planet of beauty and love gets intense and more sexual in the sign of Scorpio, making love and romance seem totally all-consuming.

Possessiveness, vindictiveness, immersive seduction, complications, and sexual rebirth are all on the rise during this time. September 9 also brings a Virgo New Moon and new lunar cycle, and we move forward into this month worn and wiser after this summers's eclipse portal. After the communication planet's stay in Leo for an extra long time due to retrograde , we could use some analysis and practicality to dry out from the melodrama and hypersensitivity. Saturn's lessons brought up during this retrograde cycle can now begin to be explored and any changes, upgrades, and improvements implemented.

Moon-ruled Cancer season began on Summer Solstice, June 21, and during this sun cycle we have more access to our feelings and ability to value those feelings. Cancer rules the breasts and belly, rib cage, body fluids… and like the Crab, temperamental Cancer turns inward, retreating inside its shell and putting up defenses if threatened or to hide sensitivity. This sign is associated with the mother, with nourishment and nurturing, home and security.

This Cancer season could bring up thoughts and feelings around family and home, or some nostalgia and sentimentality, as well as sensitivity and the well known tears that are inevitably stirred up in each of us while the sun inhabits this sign. In Cancer season we all cry freely, we express our heartache and anguish, we tend to our hearts.

It is Neptune that brings us fantasy, deep dreams, imagination, as well as delusion, deception, and victimization. During Neptune's station, and throughout the retrograde, you may feel brain fog or confusion. This cycle could lead us to see through the illusions and get deeper insight, but we should guard against numbing out and hiding from the truth or reality. A week after Neptune, Mars turned retrograde in Aquarius. This happens about every two years. If you recently felt your brain fog morph into a sense of hitting a brick wall, that's pretty in alignment with the current energy.

While retrograde, Mars expresses energy differently and it is typical to feel fatigued, exhausted, drained energetically, a bit aimless and less direct, less passionate and lower sex drive. This full moon pm PDT will have a serious tone. It presides over hard work, discipline, responsibility, karma, and fate. Saturn will bring up a lesson for your consideration or will call attention in a particular way on this full moon.

Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites on the zodiac and we'll feel this polarity. The expression of Cancer is nurturing, receptive and emotional, while Capricorn is stern, reserved and disciplined. There may not be a celebratory feel to this Full Moon, but there will be opportunities.

Make space for remembrance, let yourself rest deeply, feel good about your hard work and efforts while acknowledging your mistakes, get quiet, call on your ancestors, feel your feelings. Wednesday, June 20 brings Midsummer Eve, an evening of flickering candles and divination, mugwort and deep dreams. Astrologically, Solstice is initiated when the sun moves into 0 degrees Cancer, which is exact at am PDT on Thursday morning. It will still be summer for quite some time, but the light wanes and the darkness builds. All the time. This is happening in your lives as well, the unfolding and releasing, invoking and establishing.

We have an intimate understanding of this experience living life as householders on a path, navigating the exquisite and terrifying, holding the midline of our soul's wisdom and of our true spiritual practice s. Remember to hold the midline and trust, even in the uncontrollable changes that seem to be devouring you. The creative potency of the Universe is reorganizing you and your life.

This can feel uncomfortable, even unbearable, but there are ways to become more skilled at allowing every circumstance of life to take us into the molten radiance of our hearts. This is spiritual practice, not in theory but applied in real life. Try to stay rooted, in your belly and bones, with your heart open in radical vulnerability if you can, and hold on.

Make art with your tears and frustrations, dig your fingers and toes into the black earth to ground, and remember that you belong. Light a fire in your heart. On this Solstice, make a date with the Sun, bask in the warmth and relish the sunshine. Originally on the website and then published in on Yoganonymous. There are several astrological events unfolding this week that demand attention - several planets are shifting. So forgive my absence of late and be patient with these brief posts, and celebrate the silent r evolution that is ongoing in each of us as we navigate the beauty, pain, and absurdity of life.

On Tuesday we have our annual Taurus new moon in the early morning and hours later we have radical Uranus leaving Aries to enter fixed sign Taurus, which is understood to be potentially the most significant cosmic event of the year. The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus is the renegade, revolutionizer, and rable rouser of the heavens, the planet of originality and change. Uranus shifts every seven or eight years and in moved from Pisces to Aries to stay, creating a new era of life.

There are undoubtedly major life lessons, battle scars, unexpected or unpredictable circumstances that define these past seven years for each of us, and there are corresponding events in the world. Now Uranus is moving into Venus-ruled Taurus for this next new era which will bring its own challenges and gifts. Volatility and pushing the limits could cause clashes, disruptions, and conflict that feel righteous or liberating to those involved.

On Friday Mercury trines retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, which could bring focus and attention to mental work. Venus moves into water sign Cancer on Saturday morning, and a few hours later forms a sextile with very busy Uranus in Taurus, which could manifest for us as having a new idea about a relationship or finances. Finally, Taurus season ends as the Sun enters air sign Gemini on Sunday evening pm CA time , bringing a new perspective and fresh energy.

Back to Uranus. The ingress of the eccentric and unusual planet has caused and will continue to cause a stir. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, in the realm of Goddess Pele, can be seen as an earthly expression of the electric planet leaving fiery Aries. There are too many examples to list of the manifestations of these planetary movements reflected in world events.

Uranus will bring revelations to a new realm, the land of Taurus, which is Venusian in feel, dealing with love and beauty, art and elegance, finances and material possessions. Taurus is purposeful and persevering, sensible and sensitive. This next Uranus cycle will bring opportunities for explorations of and unexpected changes in what beauty means, what worth is, what we value, and so much more. Alternative currency and redefining beauty will be two possible areas of investigation and revelation. Sentimentality and sensitivity will be qualities brought out of hiding from when Uranus was in Pisces, underground during the Aries reign.

There will be much to savor and digest in the next seven years. We can all agree that the Aries sun cycle never disappoints, and the dynamic astrological weather has continued into Taurus season. On April 19 the sun entered the earthy, Venus-ruled Taurus, but before Aries season wrapped up there were a few more notable changes. At am on April 17 Chiron changed signs, finally leaving Pisces and moving into Aries.

For the past eight years. The wounds inform the healing and allow the one who has been healed to pass on those lessons and insights to be beneficial to others and to help guide the way through emotional darkness. Pisces is the end of the road, the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the initiatory sign, the starting point, the beginning.

This cardinal sign brings waves of impulsivity, passion, aggression, assertiveness, and energy. The last time Chiron was in Aries was , a time in which there were so many major significant events that unfolded. Those born in these years have Chiron in Aries natally. Additionally on April 17, Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn. The planetary disciplinarian entered its home sign of Capricorn on December 19, and will be there until , reinforcing themes of self-sovereignty, responsibility, and general integrity in all expressions.

While Saturn is retrograde we can take the time to inspect and re-define our boundaries, commitments, and responsibilities. With Taurus season underway, April 22 brings Pluto retrograde also in Capricorn ; two major themes associated with Pluto and Pluto transits are elimination and regeneration, and we can detox psychologically and purge emotionally.

Exploration of our own underworld and our relationship to power are opportunities during this time. With this full moon we are invited into our vulnerability and innermost desires, to feel what is most valuable to us and to find our own inner strength and perseverance to create, receive, invoke, and express those desires. I allow my vulnerability to forge incredible strength and fortitude in body, heart and mind, and I embrace my power and inner wisdom to guide me toward my dreams and goals. We transitioned from the Rooster to the Year of the Dog.

Those born in the year of the Dog are good friends to have and will be there for us whenever needed. The Dog personality is unpretentious and generally undemanding. People born in the Dog year can be somewhat pessimistic or cynical, but their toughness is what allows them to endure stress or hardship without giving up. They have an innate ability recognize those who have good intentions versus those that are untrustworthy and to them, people are clearly either friend or foe.

The Dog is generous, not materialistic, and while objective and faithful in dealings with others, can be slightly suspicious or obstinate at times. They do tend to see things in terms of black or white, without much allowance for the in between.


In Chinese astrology, a vast and complex subject just as Western astrology is, there are twelve animals associated with twelve years which influence your personality. In the lunar calendar there are also associations of an animal assigned to twelve sections of time with one ruling your birth time; this is your ascendant sign.

In addition, there are associations with the five elements, and the division into either yang or yin, to further influence your personality. This is a general, simple introductory explanation for the purposes of this brief post. The last time we had an Earth Dog year Dog year with Earth element was Earth Dogs are slow movers, constructive thinkers, and fighters and survivors.

We also have a beautiful trine between this eclipse and retrograde Neptune in Pisces , which helps us access our deepest reserves of empathy and compassion.


But this aspect is like a healing balm that makes it easier to forgive others and ourselves for past hurts. Just remember, we may still have some work to do to make amends and restore broken trust. This eclipse also sextiles Uranus and Vesta in Taurus. Right now, radical change is being sparked in the areas of our lives where we least expect or desire it, but probably need it most. With steady, calm, and patient devotion, we can stay present through all the twists and turns of this transformative eclipse season. One more word to the wise: Communication is key at this new moon, with Mercury conjunct Mars and Juno in Leo and preparing to go retrograde on July 7.

Try not to take things personally, keep your sense of humor…and give yourself a time out if you need one! Something about you feels like home, Cancer. If relationship roles have become too restrictive, give yourself permission to outgrow them. Feeling insecure? Look for strength in softness and find victory in vulnerability.

How This Week's Intense Eclipse in Leo Will Break and Remake You

Celebrate what you bring to the table, while appreciating what others have to contribute. But you may be surprised to find that not all your loved ones are on board with your new direction. Welcome to your spiritual awakening, Scorpio! Oppressive rules and dogma that once held you back are falling by the wayside, while other traditional beliefs and practices are being infused with fresh new meaning and relevance for you. Others may find it meaningful, too. Are you ready, willing, and able to give it?